Dr. Mercury

Never let it be said Doctor Mercury was single-minded. I’ve danced before, once, with a serial killer who thought I was his target. I read a holy book once, a very quaint tale about suffering and happiness. And now I have tried art.

– An excerpt from “Red Period” by Mur Lafferty, a story from Dark Heart: A Dr. Mercury Anthology

Dr. Mercury is an immortal, alien supervillian who will one day consume the earth. Her power levels remain unconfirmed as no hero has truly been able to test their limits.

She enjoys long walks on blackened beaches, sipping the blood of heroes and throwing rocks at dolphins. She is often seen kidnapping your girlfriend. Or you. She likes you.

The Official File of Dr. Mercury


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Excerpt from Bloody Sun

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Illustration by Jennifer Rodgers

Illustration by Jennifer Rodgers

Spolied by Jack Scoresby

Like Out of Clockwork by Josh Loomis, originally on Blue Ink Alchemy


Some things I remember. I remember a golden cage. I remember her knife. I remember other things-the way the darkness gleamed from her skin, her silver hair slicked back with her own salt tears, the shape of her, the smell of her. I remember the pain, oh, yes. The pain will be with me forever as will these scars.

And every day, I pray to the blessed Virgin Mary that someday, I will be allowed to return to her.

-Excerpt from “The Hildago” by Nathan Lowell, a story from Dark Heart: A Dr. Mercury Anthology

The Hildago by Nathan Lowell

Death Traps by Christiana Ellis


Photo by Rae Winters

Photo by Rae Winters

She waved her hand at me, her big artful fight-knife in that hand. I stopped talking, couldn’t take my eyes off the shine of the blade under all the blood. “I killed him because he’s Clobber, and had it coming. You think you know me, your eyes dilate just slightly when you look at me. Arousal? Not exactly.” She sniffed the air like on might a fine wine. “No. Something else. Desire. What is it about me that you desire?”

“I, uh, I’m Mag Carson. I do your copy. I’m an expert on you, on everything you do! I…I wrote the book on you, literally.” The thought, ‘I’m your biggest fan,” ran through my head before I could stop it, and at that instance, she smiled.

“I’ve read that book. Forgive me, poppet, it never occurred to me that a human would have written it.”

-An excerpt from “And That’s How I Met…” by Filamena Young, a story from Dark Heart: A Dr. Mercury Anthology

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