Rose To Conquor

Rose to Conquer is a webcomic about coming of age in a world of monsters.

Princess Rose was raised in luxury as a the heir to the throne. Her one dream is to go to the Academy to prove herself as a great Magus. But as a Princess, it is her duty to stay in the capital and train to be a monarch. Rose Weir is a peasant girl who learned to fight to gain entrance to the Academy – but will she actually be able to go and achieve her dream? The lives of these two young women intertwine as our adventure begins.

Written by J.R. Blackwell and Illustrated by Calli Archer, Rose to Conquer is The Prince and the Pauper meets Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings plus monsters and teenagers in a fantasy kingdom at war.

We are currently working on preparing a backlog of comics before we launch. We look forward to sharing this story with you:

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