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My photography concentrates on the fantastical, building moving narratives into still images. My photographs are about mixing the fictional with the world we know. I am interested in the transformation of the human form and storytelling.

From Zombies to Supervillains to cosplay to author portraits, my photography is all about characters, fantasy, and telling my viewers interesting stories.


My photography has been published in magazines, newspapers, journals, blogs, book covers and book-jackets. I have photographed happy couples, authors, actors, game designers and artists. You can learn how to hire me on my RATES page. I update my BLOG regularly with my newest photos.


My portraits of authors, actors, scientists, housewives, artists, musicians and other wonderful people are designed to bring out the fantastic in their character, to highlight some aspect that I find enchanting. My portraits are edgy, enchanting, and bring out an aspect of a persons character they may not have seen before.


Weddings work well with my skills, as I am adventurous and energetic about shooting weddings. For more information about rates and availability, check out the weddings section of my site.


I produced the covers to the Anthology “Voices: New Media Fiction” and the novels “Playing for Keeps”, “The Case of the Singing Sword”, “The Case of the Pitchers Pendant” and a series of book covers for the Mortal Coil supplements for Galileo Games.

As a writer myself, I understand how important a cover is to achieving a visual connection from the reader to the vision of the author. I enjoy working with authors and publishers to create a cover which fits their vision for the book.

For more information about hiring me, visit my RATES page.

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