ratesI am available for hire for portraits, weddings, book covers and special projects. The type of shoot, location and the special needs of my clients will have an influence on my rates.

If you have a special request, please contact me directly at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.


KrullCreating a portrait begins when a client contacts me for a free consultation. Every client is an individual with their own style, needs, and concerns about photography. I am experienced with everything from experienced models to normal people who need a picture for a special occasion.

I have taken photos of all different kinds of people who all have different needs including actors, models, gamers, podcasters, artists, programmers, singers and authors. I enjoy taking everything from fanciful photos of people in wild costumes to pinups, to simple portraits for people to use online.

Customers usually book a three hour shoot for sBunnyeveral clothing and location changes. I typically shoot about a hundred images an hour. After the shoot, I sort the photos and provide them to my client in an online web gallery. Clients then pick favorites for extra processing and polish. Photos can also be provided on CD at no extra charge.

My rate for portraits for individuals is 120$ an hour which covers the shoot, the hosting for the online gallery and the post processing of 5 images. A makeup artist (highly recommended) can be provided for an extra fee.

Portraits can be arranged at my studio in Philadelphia or at other locations around the greater Philadelphia area. I am willing to travel, but the project must be able to compensate for my travel expenses.

References provided by request.


Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement photos are great fun for me. Hanging out with a couple in love is one of the great pleasures of being a photographer for me. Every couple has their own unique energy, and I enjoy capturing that special relationship on camera.

A two hour engagement shoot can be booked for 200$. Engagement photos are usually done outside of the studio. I work with the couple to find a location they will love and that fits their personality.

I am happy to travel for an engagement shoot.  Traveling outside the Philadelphia area will result in an extra charge for my travel expenses. Please contact me for details.

I welcome all loving couples.


I am passionate about photographing weddings. is always an honor to cover such a happy and profound moment in people’s lives.Wedding: DJ and Mike

I am an adventurous photographer who has no problem being on her feet for seven hours and still has the energy to keep up with your dancers during the reception.

During my time being a wedding photographer, I have helped groomsmen into their suits, advised brides on makeup choices and zipped bridesmaids into their dresses. I have fixed hair and cufflinks and straightened ties. I have taken pictures on a schoolbus, golfcart, farm, island, gardens and houses.

For more information about the wedding package, please visit the weddings section of this site.

References and photo samples can be provided on request.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.


For special projects such as Gallery Shows, Art Direction, Editorials, Fashion Photography, Magazine Shoots, Theatrical Performances, Special Events, Promotional Photography and Book Covers, please contact me to discuss rates.


TakenTo book at shoot, request references or discuss your special project, please contact me at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.

Starving Artist? Broke Model? Out Of Work Web designer? Best band ever but spent all your money on instruments?

I am willing to negotiate my rates if you feel you have special services you can offer. As time goes on, I have less time to give for the projects of others, but I’m always happy to listen to every case and to consider trades. Feel free to contact me at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.

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