Photo by J.R. Blackwell

Abundant: Hunger

I saw this image in a dream. Nothing more, just the image, and when I woke up, I wanted to create the image as I had seen it.

I like to create photos where I make something from nothing. I like to create characters and worlds and images more than I like to “catch” them. Though it can be magical to “catch” a magnificent moment, just as it happens, there is something special about creating something that would have never existed without my intervention.

In the past, when I created things whole, I would get very close to the image that I saw in my head, but I’d always have to make little adjustments. Allow for reality. Work within my skills. This is the first photo where I have been able to capture, perfectly, the image I saw in my head. To make something that only existed inside me real.

Abundant: Hunger

I’m selling 10 prints that I created for a small art show. I don’t usually sell prints and I’m not planning to make more of these. Every print will be signed and labeled 1 of 1. Every print is 8×12 and is $40. Shipping is included for people in the US, international shippers should contact me at to work out a rate.