Gimme Shelter

For the next two weeks, I’m going to be selling 8×12 prints that I created for a small art show for a group of students. I’m only going to be selling one of each, so every print will be signed and labeled 1 of 1.

Today’s print is Gimme Shelter, the cover I created for the Gimme Shelter zombie anthology.

I created this photo by taking pictures of my hand in various stages of makeup and then editing the photos together with photoshop. Moving the hands around to create this structure felt more like building something than a piece of photography, like sculpture. This is my photo-love letter to zombies.

Gimme Shelter

Not everyone wants to have zombies in their home, but for the person who does, this photo is for you.

Each print is $40, shipping included within the US and Canada. If you are outside the USA, contact me at and we will work something out.