FATE Core: The Expansions

I am currently working on a setting for FATE Core called Court/Ship, which will be courtly intrigue during the period of Louis XV in the midst of an alien invasion. I’m blogging my progress on the blog – you can click HERE to see previous entries.

But I’m not the only one writing for FATE Core. Below are a list of some of the posts that designers have written about the development of their own settings. The remarkable bit about all of this, is that you can get all of these, plus the FATE Core rules, for $10.  You get award winning, innovative authors for $10.

I’m excited that not only have I gotten the opportunity to design a setting for the fans of FATE, I’m also going to be included in such a fabulous company of designers, writers and innovators.

You can check out the FATE Core Kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/fate-core