The Art Show of Horrors

Three of my photographs are going to be hanging in the Art Show of Horrors tonight, including this one photo from Her Side, the collaborative art project Mur Lafferty and I worked on together. I’ve never sold prints from Her Side before and I don’t plan to again, so this is likely to be the only print I’m making available from this series. Unless a bug flies up Mur and my nose and we decide to push this project again, but it’s far more likely that we’ll do something else that is entirely new and weird.

HER SIDE: You are so beautiful

Her Side was an art-baby I had with Mur Lafferty that was lovingly dressed by Daniel Solis. It’s a coming-of-age story told by an unreliable narrator, where her words hint at the horrors she’s experienced, but it is only in the pictures that we see what really happened. It’s a story about a girl becoming a woman, and all the blood and tears of that transformation. You can buy the book here:

For the print, you’ll have to come out to the show: