Ashe of the Air

Ashe of the Air, from Jared’s book, The Battle of Blood and Ink, as depicted by the fabulous Liza!

Fables of the Flying City

I really like this photo. I love taking photos of people jumping. I know I’m not the only photographer who gets a kick out of this, but it doesn’t decrease my fun one coin to know that other people are having fun too.  Liza is the fantastic lady in this photo, which I am completely late in posting, seeing as I took it nearly a YEAR ago. (I get behind on stuff that isn’t paid work!) Liza created the costume, but the character is Ashe, from Jared Axelrod’s The Battle of Blood and Ink, which is coming out May 8th, this coming Tuesday!

Jared worked so hard on this graphic novel. Along with his illustrator, Steve Walker, this is the culmination of years of hard work. To introduce people to the world, Jared created this fantastic podcast, which is totally free, called Fables of the Flying City, which acts as a prequel to The Battle of Blood and Ink. He and Steve also created some comics for people to enjoy. If the book does well, there will likely be sequels and more podcasts to listen to.

I’m thinking about making a poster for this image, taking Liza out of the background and putting her up against some lovely clouds and giving it away for everyone to download. I’ve already made a very short “making of” video for Jared and Steve, which features them talking about the themes of the book and their inspirations, as well as images from inside the graphic novel. I am so proud of Jared for working so hard on this project. He’s my inspiration, living with him is what has made me the artist I am today. If it weren’t for Jared, I might just be a lady with a lot of ideas. With Jared, I’ve become a lady with a track record of completed projects behind her. Together we are an engine, humming along.

Grumpy Ashe