Death Traps

Spirit of Chaos

Christiana Ellis has recorded a Dr. Mercury story! The story is about first love, career choices and death traps. Christiana really understands the character of Dr. Mercury, and creates her own brilliant cast that first perfectly into that world.

Christiana is a really funny writer, but she takes things to a dark place in this story – and while it still maintains it’s humor, it has a dark undercurrent that gives it a lot of punch.

You can listen here:

Sometimes people ask me when I’m going to post more photos of Dr. Mercury. Here’s the problem there. I’ve sort of taken the photos I can take of her already. Dr. Mercury is a difficult person to photograph – she’s hard to manage – and basically, it takes all of my effort just to keep her from committing some weird act of supervillainy. So, I have a difficult time shooting a good photo of her – STAY STILL DAMN YOU – and preventing her from creating chaos with her Zombie Pegasus.

Basically, if I were to get more photos of her, I would need someone else to shoot the photos while I managed her evil. Personally, I’m not sure that many photographers want to spend time around a supervillain – and I don’t blame them. She might try to use some kind of experimental freeze/lazer/death/panda/ -ray on them or something.

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