J.R. Blackwell, Self Portrait, Photographer, Fantasy

I am J.R. Blackwell. I am a writer and photographer. Next year my game, Shelter In Place, is coming out from Galileo Games. I shoot book covers, weddings, and Supervillains.  I am married to author Jared Axelrod, whose graphic novel is coming out in 2011 from Tor. I’ve modeled on the runway four times this year, once in New Jersery, once in NYC and twice in Philadelphia, most recently at Dorian’s Parlor.

Now and then, I write about Dr. Mercury, a Supervillain who enjoys kidnapping people she finds adorable and tormenting Hero’s she finds interesting. Now and then, she answers questions about her life, such as how she does her hair. I enjoy taking photos of her, and occasionally she can be persuaded to appear at events.

This year, on Tumblr, I wrote a series called “14 Lovers” about the lovers of a vampire from 1899 to 2006. They’re told in slices, flashes of 14 love stories. Like true love stories, they are all different styles, from a story told in second person to a story told through a list of 25 items.

I enjoy taking photos of interesting people, lifting weights, corsets, painting, role-playing, wearing a beard and putting my arms around young, beautiful women.